About Us


It all started with an ordinary conversation with a group of parents in 2005. From then on, seeing parents struggle to cope with their children’s education and school homework while juggling their career was never an option for us. The picture of parents having to continue helping out their children with their schoolwork instead of resting after a hard day of work (what’s worst in an ever changing education landscape) provided us with the spark to start the Specialized Integrated Tuition Program (S.I.T). Today, we are proud to be educators to thousands of students who have benefited greatly with the S.I.T program. Together with our dedicated, experienced and well-qualified teachers, some with up to 25 years of teaching experience in some of the best schools in Singapore, we ensure that parents and students alike continue to maintain a healthy parent-children relationship while leaving the academic issues to us.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of Academic and Curriculum excellence.


Mission Statement

Partners with parents and innovators in Academic and Curriculum Education, unwavering dedication in nurturing young Singaporeans to reach the pinnacle of academic and curriculum achievements; preparing them to face the challenges of the future.


Our Values

Passion in Educating


Inculcate positive values & attitudes


Nurture young talents


Never-ending commitment


Ability to empathize with parents, students & teachers


Character development & enhancement


Lifelong Learning & Improvement


Enthusiasm & Determination